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MARU Advocates kicked off its organizational campaign with a focus on Sickle Cell Disease which occurs in 1 out of 365 Black or African American births and affects over 100,000 people in the US. Realizing that merely raising awareness of critical diseases wouldn’t be the catalyst for the kind of difference needed, MARU Advocates formed a nonprofit organization in order to plan and host fundraising events. As a non-profit organization, we work directly with community health and service organizations to promote their message and drive donations to support our common cause.

MARU Advocates is a 501(c)3  organization. Donations fund our 2022 initiative in support of individuals and families impacted by Sickle Cell Disease. This year we are focused on education, awareness, and comfort. Visit our Programs page to learn more about the 2022 initiative. Watch our Upcoming Events page for opportunities to participate and contribute.

Visit our site regularly to see what health initiatives and events we are working on. Our success relies on the participation and engagement of the community. Click the 'Upcoming Events' link below to stay informed and learn how you can help further our cause.

MARU Advocates, LLC, was established at the beginning of 2020 with the initial purpose being to raise awareness about the plight of people impacted by critical diseases that may not receive the same attention and resources as more well-known diseases. At a time when social disparities are being highlighted, the founders of MARU Advocates felt it was important to address matters of health and wellness that affect under-represented communities.

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